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Double/Single Bass Arrays

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Like many I first learned about the DBA concept from a thread on AV Science

For those fluent in German here's a interesting post with graphics. Here's a Google Translation of the fellow's webpage. 

Interesting cumulative spectral decay plots of a SBA/DBA

The idea is to minimize room nulls and optimize linear response. The quick and dirty explanation is to divide the front and rear walls of a rectangular shaped room into 1/4rds, mount drivers at the intersection of the 1/4th and 3/4th horizontal and vertical lines. The rear drivers are wired out of phase and time delayed from the fronts. 

For the IB sub builder I recommend using a manifold at each of these locations. A pair of 12"s in each location would be the logical choice for this, although larger drivers would also work.

Other than greatly increased cost, and labor the other downside of a DBA is the loss of room-gain. 


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