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Note to IB owners with designs featured in the gallery. If there's a link to a website for your sub, please make sure it's current. If you change hosts, please email the new link to
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Manifold Designs are on pages 1 and 2
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Unusual and Extreme Designs are on page 4
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Here's Rich Kraus' original dual Tempest attic mounted IB.

Rich had the misfortune of being separated from his original IB. So after relocating he made a new one.


Eric M used Rich Kraus' original IB as a model for his own version

Here's the outlet.

This sub is Eric's first DIY audio project.  He took pictures detailing 
the project, a link to those pictures is available HERE


Scott S's dual Tempest IB. I've included several pictures of his IB since they do a nice job of  detailing the installation.

A hole was cut in the drywall.  The box was inserted and is held in place with "L" brackets attached to the ceiling joists. The joint is sealed with caulk.

The grill is held in place with banana plugs. This is an clever idea. I'd suggest the use of Fastex fasteners. They are inexpensive and have considerable holding power.

The result is a very clean looking install.


Paul W's dual 24" Hartleys.

Construction is a 2"X4" frame skinned with 3/4" MDF. Placement is vertical, (horizontal placement isn't a good idea with these particular drivers) on a flat wall at the end of a room with a cathedral ceiling.

Although Paul liked the performance of these drivers for music playback, he had problems with the VC's bottoming during high SPL DVD soundtrack playback. As a result he replaced the manifolds with a dual manifold each containing 9 PE DVC 15". Those are shown on page 4 of the gallery.


This is Chris White's dual 15" self powered IB. This unique manifold was created by Pete M. of Bucks County Woodworking, Warminster, PA

A link to Chris' website where he describes the IB is available HERE
On his website Chris states that these 2 drivers are adequate for has 3800 sq ft listening room. 
People should note that he's also using a box sub behind the listening position. 
This will augment the output from the IB. 
The standard recommendation for a 3800 cu ft room would be at least 4-15"s


This is Steve's dual 15" IB. I've included some of his construction photos.

The plywood inner liner is designed so slide down between the ceiling joists, and extend flush with the drywall below. This allows the MDF section of the box to sit on the edges of the joists.


This is one of a pair of manifolds built by Prototrax. Each manifold contains a pair of DB Drive PL15's. The manifolds are wall mounted.


Ryan S, 4 Atlas 15" IB manifold during construction

Completely installed 

Ryan photo documented the building and installation process, 
a link to his photo gallery is HERE


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